Email Database Blogs

This is a common question and even though the answer is very very simple, for a reason or another, seems that many people get confused on how they can achieve this, so i will illustrate this, step by step with images. Step 1: Login as a customer into your application […]

How do i import subscribers

Ok, you already have your email marketing strategy defined and you are safe from being cataloged as a spammer. Now comes the most difficult: get your subscriber to click on your email and read it . Do not think that because you have subscribed to your blog you will open all your […]

How to write an email that is open and read

The fact of being able to communicate with your subscriber thanks to having your email is without a doubt a great advantage.?But not the only one.?However, you also have to consider the B side of the disc.?It’s never all pink. Advantages of email marketing Trust:??email is the best channel to […]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing?

As always, there are people who think that in any strategy anything goes.?People who think that adding value is trying to endorse their readers all their products.?Whether they are good or not, they just want their easy money.?They are those affected by the?Paypaltia or addiction to purchase transactions. And do […]

What is NOT email marketing?

WHAT IS EMAIL MARKETING, WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT FOR YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS AND HOW TO TRIPLE YOUR SALES THANKS TO IT? With a good email marketing strategy?. Yes, that is your great potential.?Email is a special communication channel that allows us to establish a closer relationship with our readers.?And […]